Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perfect Summer Day

Hi there! How's the start of your week going? I hope better than mine. Both of our cars are breaking down. Our Sonata had a flat tire yesterday... severe flat... like no driving on it. And we really need a few new tires for that car. So there we have a few $$$. Then our Grand Prix... "old faithful", as I like to call her... has some deteriorating shocks. We hit any bump on the road and it feels like the back end is going to sway/swerve off the road. Lovely!! So anyways, we're gonna get a deal on tires at Sears on Thursday. And dad hooked us up with hopefully a cheap service shop in Sioux Center- Campanas. There's supposed to be a "~" thing over the n. You know? So it sounds like "campanyas". :) Anyways, there's some good guys that work there, started by one of dad's employees... so we're sure they'll get us fixed up and treat us right! I'll give you my full review after service. :)

Whew is it ever hot here! Yikes! Yesterday it got up to like 98 degrees. Or "109" as my car read... haha. HOT! We decided to do some gardening in the heat. Why not, you know?! 

That's Aaron in the back using a delightful garden cultivator for the bargain price of $25/day. Boy did that save our backs! And bodies... from the heat! He just whipped through those rows throwing the weeds out of the way! Beautiful! If anyone has or knows of someone wanting to get rid of a garden cultivator, we're in the business of getting one! :) 

Look at those beautiful beans! They are my favorite. They are so easy to grow, and they grow fast! :)

Let's see, Saturday was the most gorgeous day like ever. It was perfect temperature, minimal wind, and no smell out here on the farm. So we took full advantage. 

We grilled some burgers! You can barely see the burger under all those toppings! Haha. Topped with cheese, caramelized onions & mushrooms, tomato... ahhhh. Perfection. Along side we have baked beans, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, and grilled asparagus (hunted by your's truly)!  Mmm Mmm! 

Oh yes, and a beautiful bowl of cantelope. Yum!! 

Aww, look at Suzie wait so patiently. She loooooves cantelope.

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