Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Interrupt Your Programming....

Yep, that's right. No recipe today. Because I want to share my steal that I got from Hobby Lobby yesterday!!!!! 

You are not going to believe all the treasures I got for $99.57! It's quite amazing. And, of course, I bought these items with the new house in mind! 

Look at all that stuff!! I got 13 frames, 2 decorative boxes, 6 candles, & 4 decorative hooks. 

Let's look closer, huh?

Those 2 gigantic frames... $8.80 a piece!! Cheap-o! Love it! Everything I got was in the 80% off clearance isle! Sweet!

So what am I gonna do with all that stuff?? Well, here's one thing I already created...

I had some floral photos that worked lovely in these 3 frames! The one in the middle needs some cool backing paper, and then it's good to go! These frames were just $4 a piece! Cheap decor I tell you. Cheap. :)  

Some other things I'm going to do with my stuff? I'm going to frame our graduation pictures (in our nursing and police officer uniforms), and I'm going to try out making some "stick art"! 

Yep! Those are from my yard and are going to be used to make a sweet decorative piece!! I found this idea on Love!

See? Stick art! Haha. I'm going to use the large frames, the sticks I found, and then I'll probably liven it up with a couple floral accents when I decide what color I want. 

So I'm excited! It's not every day you get ALL that stuff for that price! :) Hehe. 

Ok, there is some food in this post. That was my supper tonight!! Holy guacamole! It was delicious! There is no recipe... it's just courtesy of good ol' HyVee! Steaks, pre-made twice baked potatoes & sweet corn! It was all perfect! I was nervous buying the sweet corn this time of year, but it popped right off the cob and was pretty tasty!! 

Look at that grilling perfection! Thanks Aaron!

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