Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Turkey Sandwiches

Yes, you are reading right... turkey in January! :) I got a turkey from St. Luke's for Christmas, and finally had some time too cook it up! I don't think I have ever made hot turkey sandwiches before, but I have eaten them at Family Table, etc. After eating these puppies I will definately be making them again! Why not? They're easy! (After you have the turkey cooked and cut!)

 You can totally come up with the ingredients & how to make it yourself. It is simply a slice of bread, turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy! 
But, if you're "anti-whole-turkey-cooking-in-january" I totally have an easy solution for you! Jennie-O makes Turkey Breast Tenderloins, so you can easily cook those up and slice for your sandwiches. One extra tip to keep the turkey NICE AND JUICY-- wrap the turkey in bacon. Yep. You heard it. Now do it. Wrap the turkey in bacon and be amazed. It stays sooo tender. Then of course you can eat the bacon... or toss it. You'll be stuffed after one of these babies anyway! 

Mmm... this really was great on a cold snowy day. Ultimate comfort food. Quickly disappeared....

Yup. Time for my new treadmill!! Aaron & I got a used treadmill from "swap shop" the other day... its very nice!! And I love having it in the comfort of my home... with a TV parked nearby! I think it's useless with this food though.... :)

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