Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just want to spread my holiday cheer!

I got these red lanterns with a light up candle inside at the craft fair today for $7/each! Not bad, and they are so cute!

 Oh my goodness, and this Rudolph! I grew up with a flashing nose Rudolph, and this was so darn close, I had to have it! The nose doesn't blink, but it's red and there's a flashing candle on the bottom! Thanks craft fair!

My camera stinks, so I'm sorry there's no picture of the whole Christmas tree...


  1. Wow looks great! Wish I had your decorating skills!

  2. I definitely don't have "skills"!! I walk through the craft fair or Hobby Lobby and just pick things that I love! Then I bring it home and hope it fits somewhere! :) I usually try things in multiple locations until I like it! :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!