Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mexico Review + My new favorite kitchen gadgetS!

Dec 26-31 my family went on a Christmas getaway to Cancun, Mexico! We had a blast... here are some of my favorite memories...

Oh yes, the food was amazing! This was an asparagus and mushroom salad. 

Apple Pie

There was mild drinking... :)

Royal Catalonia Tulum is the name of our resort. It was fantastic, and the 3rd time my parents have been there. Would definitely recommend going there. The beach and pool were amazing... better than our honeymoon resort. The sand was white and clean, and the water was crystal blue. 

I should probably share a recipe with you, huh? You're probably starving! Well, how about I share some of my new favorite kitchen gadgets with you?!?! I'm DYING to share them with you. They are *fantastic*!

#1 Cusinart Griddler

This griddler = George Foreman + panini press + flat grill + flat griddle. AMAZING!

#2 Black & Decker Food Processor

 This dealio whips whole vegetables into diced, shredded, or sliced masterpieces in like 10 seconds! No more dicing for hours with a knife... it now takes longer to wash the food processor than the time it takes to chop veggies! *LOVE*

#3 Lime & Lemon Juicer
I mean... really?! You squish the fruit on the top and the juice streams below into a measurer!! Like genius!

#4 Avocado Slicer & Smasher
You slice the slicer through the avocado to make slices.

See? Slices.

 And then the opposite side of the tool has a smasher! Guacamole in a flash! :)

These gadgets have made my life fantastic! I now make things like--- 

Omlets made on my Griddler with Pico de Gallo on top. The pico ingredients were diced with my food processor! 

And then these guys! A toasted English Muffin topped with turkey, guac and pico! 

P.S. Pico is my new favorite food. It has changed my life. 

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