Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Recap

Hi everyone! So nice to back! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your family and friends, and I wish you a blessed new year!! 

Now, being gone for a week I missed out on sharing some Christmas goodies with you. Let's recap...

Yes, there were lots of treats! I love treats! 

Oreo balls
     Mint Oreo balls
          Peanut butter pretzel balls
                Saltine toffee
                     Dipped Nutter Butter Snowmen
                             Dipped pretzels with fun sprinkles (!!)
                                   Pretzel Turtles
                                        Cashew raisin clusters
                                              Marshmallow snowmen on sticks
                                                    Cut outs, of course
                                                           Peppermint meltaways

Travel bags
Potato cleaner & cutting board :) Tee hee. This was a $5 gift exchange. 
I got earmuffs for my $5 gift!
I love 'em!!! :)
Best Buy!

Hmm... no explanation. 

Merry Christmas! Hallelujah our Savior is born! 

I hope to recap Mexico soon... there's just so much to do! 

Download pics to FB, print copies from Wal Mart, arrange in a photo album, oh yeah... clean the house and do laundry! :) 

I will share my highlights with you of course.

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