Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole Sandwich

Hola! Just popping in to share an easy lunch with you! We really don't have anything else going on to share about right now. :) Thanks for all the support on the last post! Means a lot to us! 

Turkey, Bacon, and Guacamole Sandwich

You will need-

- Thin Buns (have you seen these at the store yet? Love em!)
- Turkey bacon (I really like the turkey bacon flavor for this sandwich better than regular bacon. But you decide for you)
- Sliced deli turkey
- Swiss cheese slices
- Guacamole

This sandwich has quite the flavors all packed together! We love the combination, and can't get enough of them right now!

The hardest part about the whole sandwich is making the guacamole. We choose not to cheat and buy pre-made stuff. Pre-made guac is really no guac at all. Do me a favor and splurge for the homemade stuff! :)
I have no defined recipe for the guacamole, it's really a flavor thing. You make it according to your flavor. But the main ingredients are--
Red Onion
Salt & Pepper
I suggest starting by mashing up a couple avocados in a bowl. Then throw in some garlic, red onion, cilantro, jalapenos and s & p. Then when you have it all combined and flavored according to your tastes, add the tomatoes. Otherwise, if you add the tomatoes too soon they'll just get trampled and mushed in there! :) 

Then build your sandwich!

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