Monday, August 8, 2011

Ahhh.... Our New Home

Ahhhh.... is right. I am finally relaxing on my couch with the computer in my lap! It has been a busy busy week, but totally worth it! We are over joyed with the way our house turned out, and we are so glad to be *home*. 

I will admit we had our struggles. First, as we were waiting the long month to close on the house. "Are you sure this is the house for us?"  "I don't know if there's enough space."  "That's gonna be a lot of painting to do!"  "Is our kitchen table going to fit in the eat-in kitchen?" 

Then we got the keys!! Next came the painting... ugh. We had to cover the red and navy walls all over the house. Really? Come on. Never... I say never paint all 4 living room walls bright red, or all 4 bedroom walls dark navy. It's not cool, and it's not fun to paint. But, thank heavens for Lowe's Valspar paint with primer. This does work, and I would recommend it. How do I know it was better than ordinary paint? Well, in our bedroom in Sioux Center I painted ONE red wall. Just one, that's ok people. Just one. I loved the red wall, and still had over 1/2 the gallon of paint left, so I decided to use it up in our bedroom. It did not have primer on it. And it took 4 coats over the navy blue. Four!!! I only needed 1-2 coats with the paint with primer. Definitely on my "A list". Thank you Lowe's.

The next job was organizing everything. Whoa baby. I hate this part. It's great when you find a spot for everything... but the journey there is long and a big mess! We are almost done with this part. Well, I should say that I am done with my part, and now it's Aaron's turn to finish in the basement and garage. :) 

Ok, so I'm going to try some before and after pics. The before are the pics with the seller's stuff and furniture in the pics. 

Living Room 


Master Bedroom


Guest Bedroom


We didn't change anything in here, but added some curtains, wall decor, and rug. So these are all after photos.

I unfortunately didn't have a before picture of this. But it was pink (or mauve if you know what that is). And had a burgundy shower curtain. 

Family Room (Basement)

We've divided the room into a family lounge area, and Aaron has a big projection screen that we watch TV with... it's cool.

And an office area. Which still has a little work to be done. But you get the picture. :)

Ok, I think that's all for now. Thank you to everyone who blessed us with their help in our moving process! We are so thankful to all of our family and friends for helping! THANKS!

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