Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just checking in...

Hi! I have no food to share with you today, unfortunately. We got back from Milwaukee at 2 am Monday morning... and I still don't have my feet on the ground yet! :) Too much laundry and picking up to do... not to mention work! Haha. But I did want to say hello and share my baby shower gift with you. 

I found this idea on www.pinterest.com. Have you ever been there? Are you a member? It's so cool. It's a place to find or keep interesting things you find on the internet. You know how you find something neat on a website, but then can't remember where you found it later? Pinterest can help! I love it. Anyways, here is the gift. (Photo courtesy of pinterest)

Isn't it cute? You can find inspiration on what to include here at Jen's Own Road. She has some great ideas!

I also can't resist showing you a couple other things I found on pinterest for baby gifts. Check them out! (all photos courtesy of pinterest)

Aren't those cute?! If only I was more creative! But the top 3 pictures use baby washcloths or socks to create the bouquet, lollipop and cupcakes. The last one with the stork is a baby blanket with diapers rolled up inside! :) Who comes up with stuff?! 

Well, I just wanted to share those. I'm off to work now!

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